Lift Displays

We manufacture graphic colour LCD and dotmatrix type lift car position indicators.

Features :-

  • Sharp, active matrix, industrial grade 10 or 12 inch LCD display.
  • Compact, rugged, electronics fits into the car station.
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting.
  • Stand alone or PC link architecture.
  • Real-time operating system. Not dependent on Microsoft Windows.
  • All electronic design runs from flash file system not mechanical disk drives.
  • Efficient cool electronic design based on ARM 7 core.
  • Car position and direction.
  • Tenant directory names and logos.
  • Time and date.
  • Lift out of service messages.
  • Graphic PC screen layout tool see manual, or download program.
  • Supports standard bitmaps for company logos, etc.
  • Supports most standard fonts, at any size.

Download brochure PDF (725KB)