Public Display

Our display engine FIDSxml ( Flexible Information Display System ) was developed from out lift display product, for the demanding airport market. Our server provides functionality to be integrated into a broader applications. FIDSxml provides generic data base, communications, display formatting and network wide display drive. This product is applicable to a broad range of public display requirements including sporting events.

Features :-

  • XML based screen definition language - user configurable.
  • Automatic ip address discovery support - easy system build.
  • Automatic hot backup and data base mirroring - high reliability.
  • 300 uSec TCP data base update and delta notification - fast display response to data change.
  • 10 mSec typical display change response per screen - fast display response to data change.
  • Alphasoft can provide tailor made public display applications.
  • SDK and Alphasoft support for third party application extension.

See Digital Images for FIDS information.