Lift Controllers

We make specialised group and lift controllers to order. Multiple lifts are coordinated and optimised by a Group Controller

Features :-

  • AC VF or DC drives.
  • Precision, low jitter control.
  • Industrial strength, high noise immunity, IO allows co-existence with relay controllers.
  • Safety interlock board provides positive enforcement of passenger and equipment safety in relay contacts, as well as software.
  • Electronic terminal slowing monitoring.
  • Modular implementation for easy maintenance and expansion.
  • Integrated lift monitor feed.
  • Integrated security interface.
  • Detailed diagnostic output to PC for fault finding.
  • High performance 'Despatch 32' Group Controller option.
  • Simple magnet or high resolution encoder lift positioning.
  • User configurable with onboard LCD and keypad.
  • Integrated fault log.
  • Optional serial connection to car displays.
  • Fire service, independent service standard.
  • Manual and maintenance control in the controller.
  • Detailed lift state information on LCD display.
  • Serial car station and landing option.