Landing Call Server

The Alphasoft Landing Call Server/Splitter (LCS) allows the efficient interoperation of new and existing lifts during a modernisation project.

Features :-

  • Highly optimised call allocation
  • High reliability electronics based on modern ARM processors. PCB information
  • Industrial strength, high noise immunity, IO allows co-existence with relay controllers.
  • GTOS fast real time operating system.
  • LED indicaton for most events to aid commissioning.
  • User configurable settings saved in flash file system.
  • Direct CAN bus connection to Thyssen TCM lifts.
  • Direct serial connection to EPL/Kone Progressive Logic Systems.
  • Ethernet/TCP connection for lift monitoring.
  • High performance 'Despatch 32' Group Controller.
  • Has been used around Australia on Otis, Perry, EPL, and Schindler lifts.
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