Assorted in-house tools

Weekly Collections

Collections.exe is a simple Windows application that simplifies the production of weekly collection record sheets, typically used for church collections. The sheets are dated and numbered to aid audit tracking and avoid loss.

Download ( v1.00   1.8MB)


2017 list of Sundays for Mail Merge.


The rename utility allows the batch renaming and redating of files based on filename, path and exif dates. It is optimised for managing photo libraries but can be used with any group of similar files. It can be used to correct the Canon EOS Utility bug that timestamps jpg files with the transfer date not the picture take date. Download ( v1.00   1MB)

Comms Test

Comms test finds all available comm ports ( COM1 to COM20 ) on windows systems, including internal modems, opens then, tests for the presence of a modem, allows baud rate etc to be changed, displays recieved bytes in hex etc... Download ( v1.05   1MB)

File Manager

FileMgr performs differemental backup of a directory tree to another folder, providing a convenient way to backup your work. By differemental I mean it only copies new files or files whose size or creation date have changed. It can also do bulk removal of the read only attribute of files ( handy for files copied from a CD ) Download ( v0.07   1MB)

Rate of return Calculator

Solves for rate of return on a series of transactions. Eg in year 0 put $100 into the bank. In year 1 close the account and the bank gives you $105. What is the rate of return ( obviously 5% ) Download ( v1.00   1.6MB)

NOTE    All programs have been tested on Windows 7 / 64. All programs have been scanned for virusus but there can never be a guarantee. Use at your own risk. All are written with Emb Delphi XE3 / Object Pascal. I hope you find these useful - Graeme Tunbridge.