Landing Call Server

The Alphasoft Landing Call Server/Splitter (LCS) allows the efficient interoperation of new and existing lifts during a modernisation project.


The LCS is installed between the landing buttons and the old and new group controllers. It latches landing calls, makes an evaluation of which group ( old or new ) is best able to handle the call and passes the call to the selected group and cancels the call indication when appropriate.


Two or three Alpha-6 enclosures are provided. The MAIN enclosure is responsible for primary call allocation and is connected to the existing landing call buttons and indication lamps via parallel IO circuits or CAN and optionally to the new lift controllers via a CAN/serial link. AUX enclosures connect to the old (and new) group controllers and pass out calls and collect status information as appropriate.

CPU and Software

The active part of the LCS is the ARM CPU board, an AS710, in the MAIN enclosure. The LCS software is a combination of GTOS system software, Despatch32 our standard group control application, and interface units to the IO slaves.