Lift Monitor

The Alphasoft Lift Monitor is a windows program that connects natively to Alphasoft lift controller products or through interface devices to most other brands of lift. It provides the building management with a variety of current and historic lift information, assisting the best possible lift service to be obtained.

Features :-

  • Instant lift failure notification for fastest possible repair.
  • Direct indication of the misuse of fire and independent service.
  • Verification of lift performance by reporting waiting times by floors or time of day, short term, or averaged over years.
  • Direct assessment of the effects of having a lift out of service, allowing optimised lift use.
  • Detailed passenger waiting time reports.
  • Comprehensive filtering and tuning of report engine.
  • Long term lift availability reporting is an indicator of maintenance quality.
  • All report data is available to other Windows applications for inclusion in management reports.
  • Integrated tenant directory editing, and automatic uploads to car screens.
  • Central time and date reference for car displays.
  • Live monitoring of lift access/security control.
  • Manual or automatic control over lift parking.
  • Remote access to lift status.
  • Windows 2000, XP and Vista compatible.


Download brochure PDF (335KB)

Typical screens :-

Typical report table and bar chart.