Our CPU workhorse for displays and overlays.

The optimising group controller and the graphic car displays use the AS680/1 circuit board pair. These are designed plug into an Alpha-6 rack, or mount on the back of a LCD panel in a car station. The boards have the following feature - benefits :-

  • Low power, cool running, ARM-7 CPU - no fan - high reliability.
  • Flash memory file system - no moving parts - high reliability.
  • Watchdog timer and powersupply monitoring - high reliability.
  • Heavy duty switching powersupply - high reliability.
  • Optically isolated lift inputs - high reliability.
  • Magnetically isolated RS485 network - high reliability.
  • GTOS real time operating system - fast and reliable.
  • Direct digital connection to displaypanel - crystal clear image.
  • LEDs to indicate operation and inputs - ease of commissioning and repair.
  • Debug and diagnostic ports to streamline software development.

The AS680 CPU boards can startup either the ARM debug client or an ARM executable file stored in the flash files. The Alphasoft applications are all hosted on the GTOS real time kernel. This provides high performance pre-emptive multitasking in a message passing architecture with hardware memory protection and numerous internal self checks including heap consistency. GTOS also has a monitor port to aid software development and commissioning.